Jobs at Instore Kids Corners

Jobs at Instore Kids Corners

To create powerful and unique projects, you need passion, dreams and experience. And to make those dreams come true, you need unique people. Each with their own drive and features.

When you work at IKC, you are part of an inspiring creative and rapidly developing environment. We are active all over the world, make our products from scratch with our passionate team, but we prefer to work as unbureaucreatically as possible. Just as children are able to play with our play concepts, we want our employees to always be themselves.

At Instore Kids Corners, everyone contributes, we respect each other and respect each other s differences and we are open to everyone s contribution. We appreciate the fact that people make proposals to change their approach to business, suggest new ideas, try out new ways of working, choose different materials or colours.

IKC has built up a team of employees and partners, in which our collective DNA - craftsmanship, passion, childhood - and personal qualities are central. By taking the team on a voyage of discovery where everyone sets new limits, discovers their own talents and remembers what it was like to be a child, powerful designs are created that tell a story and take everyone to a magical world where memories are made.

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Our Story


The magical power of play, the imaginary world that is stimulated and the wonderful reactions of children to our play concepts make us do what we do. Making people all over the world feel at home in organisations. That may sound simple, but in reality it is about the perfect harmony between passion, skill, knowledge and finding the child in yourself.
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From idea to the first lines of a sketch and from the imaginative 3D drawings to our own developed software. Instore Kids Corners designs all game concepts in their own studio, with love and attention for every detail and according to their own philosophy. We manufacture all fundamental components internally. With an eye for safety, craftsmanship, beauty and essence. That is where our strength lies.
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Instore Kids Corners creates challenging, colourful and instructive play concepts that appeal to everyone s imagination and bring people together. Always designed from a child s experience and born from a combination of craftsmanship, passion, education, natural materials and fun. Together with you, we create a place where children can play, laugh, relax, find diversion and be themselves and create a harmonious atmosphere for all your guests and staff.
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